Our mission

 Striving to find a middle ground by design and simple logic.

No smoke from our programming with the advent of high pressure rails and higher compression cylinders. We can achieve no black smoke from exhaust pipes while raising your motors efficiency.
Each engine is different and requires a different solution to meet the customer’s needs. We customize and program each engine independently to ensure proper integration with each system.
  • 90 Day Warranty
  • Lifetime Support
  • No Frankenstein Calibrations
  • No Auto Calibrations
  • Each Engine is Custom Programmed and Decoded
  • Prompt Tech and Customer Support
  • Tree Planting Program

Our Company

We are a dedicated core team. For our customers, that means we know every single one of you and remember you. We are researchers, enthusiasts and this funds our day to day projects until we find another way forward.

What we do is CPL Programming, also known as critical parts list. That is short for programming with in stock hardware parameters/specs. Squeezing as much efficiency as we can from parts that came from the factory.

Most engines come over-engineered from the factory and OEMs have a habit for a few weak links for cost cutting. Which helps long term bottom lines from maintenance. We are experts at identifying the weak links and engineering under the failure points.

To keep up with times, we have also figured out a better solution to deletes. We turn off the sensors in the exhaust that will not survive the extreme cold/hot temperature fluctuations. With this method you can keep the filters in and manually clean them every half a year. The concepts is referred to as a Passive DPF System.

Most will advertise them as a no maintenance solution. But in reality, they need some manual cleaning every couple of months. Most regeneration systems on the market are passive until they add the sensors, injectors and electronically hold down the pedal to raise the rpms to create enough heat and perform a regen. We turn off the second part, keep it a simple mechanical solution.




For every 30 minutes of idling an engine, you must maintain 1 hour of engine working load to keep up with low temperature build-up. Arctic Circle, North and South poles quadruple the ratio. That means 30 minutes of idle time for 4 hours of engine load. This will let you keep a maintenance schedule for every 6 months of cleaning. Other factors still apply, such as fuel grade, outside temperature extremes, etc.

This service is provided for off road or closed course & export use only. Can not be used on highway vehicles.  

Need a little bit more help?

Feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns? We’ll help you get squared away and on the right track.